Hayman Promoted to Director

Hayman promoted to director of clinical services at Compass Regional Hospice

CENTREVILLE —  Dr. Holly Hayman, DNP, RN, CHPN, of Greensboro has been promoted to Director of Clinical Services at Compass Regional Hospice, which offers individuals, families and the community “Care on your terms” through comprehensive, professional and compassionate end-of-life care and grief support, serving Queen Anne’s, Kent and Caroline counties.

“We are so excited to announce the promotion of Dr. Holly Hayman to Director of Clinical Services,” said Heather Guerieri, executive director, Compass Regional Hospice. “Holly has been a longtime employee of Compass Regional Hospice and has held many roles, with many years of hospice and palliative care experience. As we have grown, her vision for restructuring our clinical operations is just the direction Compass Regional Hospice needs. As part of the senior leadership team, she will help me strategize to ensure Compass Regional Hospice continues to be the best in the industry and continues to be forward-thinking.”

As Director of Clinical Services, Hayman will be responsible for the coordination of direct and indirect patient services provided by all clinical staff, including home health aides and nurses, and their support staff. In addition to coordinating care, Hayman will assign clinical staff to patients; provide guidance and counseling to all clinical staff to assist them in providing top-of-the-line hospice care services to Compass Regional Hospice patients; and assist clinicians in establishing immediate and long-term therapeutic care, setting priorities for care and developing plans of care. She also will help to promote hospice care within the community; will receive referrals for Compass Regional Hospice’s hospice and Bridges programs; and will maintain clinical records and supply inventories for patient services.

“I will guide the clinical department, so we can provide the quality end-of-life care we are known for,” Hayman said. “I’m thrilled to be a part of such an excellent organization that provides compassionate care at the end of life. I think there is a lot of good the organization can do out in the community, and that we’ve been working on out in the community, so it’s going to be good to be able to continue that, as well.”

Hayman was promoted from the position of Director of Compliance and Education. Hayman will incorporate responsibilities she has held under the position of Director of Compliance and Education into her new role as Director of Clinical Services. Those responsibilities will include reviewing, revising and implementing policies and procedures to maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations regarding licensure and certification of hospice personnel; ensuring compliance with Medicare regulations and Joint Commission standards; and integrating ethical principles into all aspects of hospice care practice.

Hayman said a large part of her role as Director of Compliance and Education was collaborating with others on the local and state level about hospice professional development, and her new role will continue ensure staff are offered opportunities to grow and succeed about continuing education in the hospice field. She also will continue to hire and orient all new clinical staff.

This restructuring will help Compass Regional Hospice and its clinical staff during its growth to continue to deliver the best “Care on your terms” to its patients, as well as their families and caregivers.

“Our goal, to have these clinical and educational components tied together and working well as a team, is that we will be continuing to provide the high quality of care that Compass Regional Hospice so embraces,” Hayman said. “We see the importance of the regulatory guidelines — guidelines that help us navigate, and which serve as the groundwork for what hospice truly is. Everything is important — there truly is a link between all our departments — and this restructuring will help us to streamline this communication process, which in turn will help us to better serve our community.”

Hayman received her Doctor of Nursing Practice from Salisbury University, where she received her diploma on May 23. She defended her dissertation, completed at Compass Regional Hospice, on “The Symptom Management Protocol and Hospice Nurse Educational Intervention in Proof Management of Exacerbated Symptoms.”

“The project not only helped Compass Regional Hospice, but it also helps the hospice and palliative care world,” Hayman said.

She began her nursing career in 2006, working in telemetry and public health. She began at Hospice of Queen Anne’s, now Compass Regional Health, in 2011, as a case managing nurse. In 2013, she left Compass to teach nursing students full-time at Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, while staying on with Compass Regional Hospice as an alternative nursing resource, when needed. She came back to Compass Regional Hospice full-time summer 2017 as a clinical educator. As Compass Regional Hospice grew, and in her role as Clinical Educator, she took on more responsibilities and she was offered the position of Director of Compliance and Education.

“We found that, because education is tied so tightly to quality, and with all of the changes in the regulations that were and are occurring, we really needed someone who could direct the quality and chart auditing, and the reporting to Medicare, that all hospice agencies are required to comply with, in addition to complying with all other regulatory areas,” Hayman said.

Looking forward, Compass Regional Hospice is continuing to grow, and is seeking a clinical field manager, clinical team leaders, an admissions nurse and additional nurses and certified nursing assistants to assist with a growing need for hospice care in the communities the organization serves — Queen Anne’s, Kent and Caroline counties.

Compass Regional Hospice – Care on your terms – Compass Regional Hospice is a fully licensed, independent, community-based nonprofit organization certified by Medicare and the state of Maryland and accredited by the Joint Commission. Since 1985, Compass Regional Hospice has been dedicated to supporting people of all ages through the challenge of living with a life-limiting illness and learning to live following the death of a loved one. Today, the organization is a regional provider of hospice care and grief support in Queen Anne’s, Kent and Caroline counties. “Care on your terms” is the promise that guides staff and volunteers as they care for patients in private residences, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the residential hospice centers in Centreville, Chestertown and Denton. Grief support services are offered to children, adults and families of patients who died under hospice care, as well as members of the community who are grieving the loss of a loved one, through The Hope and Healing Center. For more information about Compass Regional Hospice, visit compassregionalhospice.org.

Cutline: Dr. Holly Hayman, DNP, RN, CHPN, of Greensboro has been promoted to Director of Clinical Services at Compass Regional Hospice, which offers individuals, families and the community “Care on your terms” through comprehensive, professional and compassionate end-of-life care and grief support, serving Queen Anne’s, Kent and Caroline counties.