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It is time to vote in our annual BEST HEALTH & WELLNESS reader choice awards. Vote today and be entered to win a Health & Wellness Goody Basket! All votes must be in by March 7, 2019. Simply CLICK HERE to download the ballot as a pdf and mail it in or vote below online. Once votes are tallied, we will announce the winners in our April issue of the Health Update.

We are honored to name the Kinera Foundation our 2019 honorary HEALTH & WELLNESS charitable organization.

What is Kinera?
Kinera is a compound word (Kin + Era):
KIN - Someone or something of the same or similar kind.
ERA - A date, or event, forming the beginning of any distinctive period.

Simply put, Kinera is a group of friends and family that lasts a lifetime. We are here to offer support to parents, caregivers, and families of those with special medical needs. Regardless of your child’s diagnosis or age, we are here to help. Kinera provides occupational and physical therapies, parent/caregiver support groups and workshops, and inclusive community activities to children with special needs and their families. We encourage continued education, and we promote an inclusive environment for those with special needs.

To learn more about Kinera Foundation, visit

Simply fill out the ballot and send it in before March 7, 2019. Ballots should be mailed to The Update, PO Box 677, Centreville, MD 21617. No photocopied answers accepted. We will tally all the votes and draw the prize winner. To qualify to win, entries must include a name, phone number, email, be at least 50% complete and be received by March 7, 2019. Participants must be over 18. Any ballots received after March 7 will not be accepted. One entry per person. The winning entrant will have his/her name listed in the results issue of the Update. The winner will be notified by phone and email.

2019 BEST OF is brought to you by Philbin & Reinheimer Orthodontics





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