“Doctors for America” to Sponsor Local Community Conversation on Healthcare Reform

What is going to happen to my health insurance premiums?
Will I lose my doctor?
Who is and isn’t going to get coverage?
Do we need this to happen now???

These are some of the questions people have about the current healthcare overhaul bills being discussed in Congress and around the country. Whatever ultimately is legislated will affect us all individually and as a society. It is extremely important, not just that we understand what is going on in Congress, but also that law-makers can hear our concerns as citizens.

To achieve this goal, Doctors for America is organizing a community conversation on healthcare reform at Chesapeake College on Tuesday, December 15. The event, open to the entire community, aims to help answer questions eastern shore residents may have about the current healthcare bills and attendant proposals. To assure that concerns from the eastern shore are heard, a summary letter of our conversation will be shared with  Congressman Kratovil and the White House. The format will be small focus group-style discussions, where people can feel free to engage in constructive dialogue, ask questions and/or simply listen. Physicians, medical students and other public health practitioners, including health policy people from the Johns Hopkins Department of Health Policy and Management, will help guide these discussions. Light refreshments will be provided.

Time and Date:     Tuesday, December 15th, 7 PM

Location:         Chesapeake College, Room 110
Higher Education Center

All interested persons are encouraged to attend. Chesapeake College is located along Rt 50 at the intersection of  Rt 213. The Higher Education Center is on the northwest edge of campus with its own parking lot.