“Insights into Bullying”

The Mental Health Association in Talbot County, in partnership with the Talbot County Public Schools, is proud to host Mr. Frank J. Kros, who will be speaking on “Insights into Bullying” at the Easton High School Auditorium on September 14, 2010 at 6:30 pm.

Known well for his speaking appearances throughout the state, Frank Kros is president of the Upside Down Organization and vice president of the Children’s Guild, the largest private provider of special education services in Maryland.  As a lawyer and social worker, Kros has served as a child advocate for many years. Over time, he became aware of the importance of educating teachers, parents, and the public about cognitive neuroscience and the developing brain of young children, especially in today’s technological world.

Frank Kros’s mission in life is “helping adults help kids.”  According to Christina Mills, Director of the Mental Health Association in Talbot County, “His clear voice articulating the vital needs of children in a complex world is very reassuring. Parents and teachers will appreciate Kros’s insight on this important topic which is presently attracting the attention of parents and educators.” Parents will soon be receiving a flyer about the event.

In his talk, Kros will examine the impact of bullying on brain development.  He will examine the manner in which bullying has surfaced on the internet and what steps one may take to prevent certain behaviors from developing.  Kros will strive to answer questions regarding the essence of bullying, focusing on the children who are targeted and effective ways to intervene.

The suggested donation for the event is $5.00, with free admission for children. All donors will receive a handout of lecture material. For more information regarding the event, please contact Jackie Davis at the Mental Health Association at (410) 822-0444, or email at jdavis@mhamdes.org.