25 Years+ 0 Chemicals=100% Clean

By Avra Sullivan

With “Spring Cleaning” season officially here, many people are looking for a fresh start into the warm weather ahead, and Schuman’s Cleaning can help. From carpets and crawl spaces, to janitorial services and post- construction clean up, they offer safe, environmentally friendly and effective cleaning for boat, home or business.

Established in 1985 by Heath Schuman, Schuman Commercial and Home Cleaning originally focused on boat detailing. Over time, and to better serve the needs of their customers, Heath along with his wife Sherrie, began expanding to include additional services. Whether your sailing the seven seas, relaxing with friends and family or conducting business, Schuman’s can offer a solution to fit your needs, in a way that keeps your family, pets, clients, and environment safe from harsh toxins and chemicals.

“A cleaner home is a healthier home.” This is the heart of their philosophy and they understand it well. Having a daughter who suffered severe allergies, Heath developed the Nautic Air system. This patent -pending technology provides water-based, eco-friendly air purification without the use of ozone or chemicals. In 2008 Heath received the IBEX Innovation Award for this system that can now be installed in boats, homes and offices.

Schuman Commercial and Home Cleaning is located at 1204 Butterworth Court in Stevensville and can be reached at 410-604-2801. You can also visit their website at www.schumanclean.com.