ALIVE at 25 Program

Queen Anne’s —  Kent —  Caroline

Defensive Driving Education (Young Drivers Intervention Program)


Young Drivers between Ages 16 to 24

June 6th at Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office 505 Railroad Avenue, Centreville, MD.

June 11th at Kent County High School (200 Wing) 25301 Lambs Meadow Road, Worton, MD.

Classes are from 8:00 AM to Noon

Every year, drivers under 25 are involved in more than six million collisions resulting in 14,000 fatalities. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for young drivers.

Research studies show that when young drivers are involved in collisions, it is the result of one or a combination of the following factors:

Inexperience with the complexities of driving. Lack of awareness on the consequences of risk taking behavior. Impaired Driving Speeding Peers in vehicle with youthful driver. Driving as a social activity.

For Enrollment or More Information Contact Terry Ober @ (443) 995-5367