ARF Seeks Funds To Continue Saving Rescued Dogs And Cats

Blu is one of our beloved dogs at Animal Resource Foundation (ARF). This little dog’s personality is just as sweet as her face, and she has shown remarkable courage throughout her short but difficult life. When Blu came to us at four months of age, she had a broken elbow and was unable to walk properly.

Susan Beall, the director of ARF, hoped to have the joint fixed and save the leg, but with the age and severity of the break, Dr. Todd Rice of Town and Country Animal Hospital decided amputation was the best option. Blu’s right front leg was removed to the shoulder on Wednesday, November 12th. Not long after surgery the staff and volunteers discovered Blu was deaf as well.

Although Blu is now handicapped, you wouldn’t know by watching her play with the other dogs and puppies at ARF, chasing leaves on her regular walks each day and as she crawls in your lap with her whole body wiggling out of joy and excitement. Beall calls her the “Strength of Life.”

“The mission of ARF is saving and improving the lives of companion animals”, says Beall. “We always have and will continue to go to extraordinary lengths to save a rescued animal and nurture them back to health to make them available for adoption. Euthanasia is not an option for us”. While Blu is better than ever, ARF has spent over $1,000 in veterinary bills. While this is a large expense for a non-profit like ARF, anyone who has met Blu would say she’s well worth it.

“We’re asking the public to support ARF in its efforts for Blu and all dogs and cats at the center”, Beall said. “Come to our fundraisers, become a member of ARF, donate cash or pet supplies, and volunteer.” These are just a few ways to lighten the expenses of maintaining a program like ARF, which relies entirely on donations and adoption fees. Feel free to visit our adoption center and meet Blu and our other dogs and cats. While you’re there, you may just find a new best friend.

ARF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and your contribution is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Please send donations to ARF, P.O. Box 396, Chester, MD 21619. Visit our website call 410-643-8700 or email