Alternative Energy Incentive Act of 2009

Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio announced that she is cosponsoring legislation that would exempt the sale of residential wind energy equipment from sales tax and property tax. The bill would also clarify a current state law pertaining to a property tax exemption for residential use of solar energy. The intent of the legislation is to provide additional incentives for residential alternative energy use. “Right now one of the biggest roadblocks to consumers is the price of the equipment,” Haddaway said. “Any incentives we can offer to Maryland citizens in the form of grants or tax incentives will help us achieve our renewable energy goals in the State.” Haddaway is a member of the Public Utilities Subcommittee and as such, has been an active player in renewable energy policy in Maryland. In the past, she has cosponsored legislation such as a bill establishing a Renewable Portfolio Standard, a bill authorizing net metering and a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative bill that created the Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Program.