An Instructional Manual For Parents

When we come home with a VCR, we always carry in along with this purchase, an instructional manual on how to understand and care for this pricey item. However, when a baby is delivered to our home, no one hands over an instruction manual on how this little angel works, how he or she responds to the world or how do we react to or manage new situations and behaviors in the addition to our family.

On Friday, September 26th , at 10AM at the Talbot County Library, A Coffee Break for Moms and Dads, ,Dr. Fran White, psychologist and family therapist, will answer your questions about this new person in your life and demonstrate what this parent manual looks like and present a brief video on the behavior of young children. You may never master the operation of your VCR but if you review this parent program called Systematic Training for Effective Training (STEP), you will easily understand your child’s mind and behavior.

This program is sponsored by the Mental Health Association and if you have any questions or concerns, please contract Tina Mills at 410-822-0444