Ballroom Dancing for Young People

“Championship dancer Amanda Showell knows that some of you have teenagers who are just as glued to the TV when “Dancing with the Stars” comes on as you are. Or maybe they’re watching, “So You Think You Can Dance?” It’s time to turn that viewing into moving! Each four-week class focuses on the basic steps, movements and the techniques of each dance. Sessions will be held on Swing, Cha-Cha and more. Understanding rhythm, and practicing coordination and timing are part of the dance experience and are great confidence builders.

Instructor Amanda Showell has taught at some of the largest dance schools on the East coast, having coached the dance teams of both Princeton University and the University of Delaware. A teacher since 1996, Showell has won numerous ballroom dance competition titles and trained with world class dancers such as Peter Eggleton and Charlotte Jorgensen.

Held at the Centre for the Arts in Centreville, Maryland, Session I begins on Wednesday, September 17 from 6-6:50pm and features Swing. Session II begins Wednesday, October 15 from 6-6:50 and will showcase Cha-Cha. Session III dates and dance TBA. The cost is $45 and $45 for members of the Arts Council. Registration deadline for Session I is 9/10 and Session II, 10/22.

The Center for the Arts classes are designed to renew existing artistic interests, and to develop new skills. Registration materials are available at 206 South Commerce St. in Centreville, MD Tuesday-Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 2pm, or by calling 410-758-2520, online,, or request via email at