Barbers on the Bay

By Sandra Zunino

Like smoking a good cigar or enjoying a fine cognac, a hot shave at an old-fashioned barbershop is one of those quintessential luxuries in life…. It’s just a “guy” thing. Now,
Barbers on the Bay, brand new in Stevensville, offers the best of old-fashioned barbershop services with all the modern amenities.

Partners Joyce Stilson and Denise Miller with the help of Manager Melanie Estep, opened the shop in April and already business is booming. All three women worked together at another location and had been contemplating a joint business venture for more than a year.

“We get along great,” says Joyce. “We work well together and recognized we could be a good team.” Finding a vacant location conveniently just off Rt. 50 by the Cracker Barrel was the final element needed to bring the concept to fruition.

“We all agreed it was a great location,” says Joyce. “It had been a barbershop so it was easy to set up.” Renovations commenced with cleaning and decorating including the addition of a large television and a kiddy corner so children can remain occupied while waiting. Three stations reduce the wait time so customers can get in and on their way in a hurry, but rushing customers is far from the intent at Barbers on the Bay.

“We want to take our time and listen to our customers,” says Joyce. “We want to give our customers what they want.”

Barbers on the Bay caters to men, women and children. What sets them apart from a salon is their barbering services. Barbers are licensed to shave and do cuts with clippers, explains Joyce, opposed to salon services, which are performed by licensed cosmetologists.

“We do men’s shaves, high and tight, flat tops, crew cuts and razor shaves,” she says. “We use a hot shaving machine, hot towels, and regular barbershop stuff.”

In the barber business for 40 years, before moving to the Eastern Shore, Joyce has owned and managed three other barbershops.

Joyce, Denise and Melanie are licensed barbers with Joyce and Melanie also holding cosmetology licenses. “We can shampoo, cut, blow-dry and style” says Joyce “anything the customer likes in that way.”

Eventually Barbers on the Bay will be offering hair color services for men in a private area. Joyce acknowledges that many male clients may desire coloring but might be reluctant to patronize a salon.

Thus far customers have given positive feedback about the new business. The convenience of the location plus the extended hours of operation are often mentioned.

“We’re convenient for people who work on the other side and get home late,” says Joyce.

“One of the biggest complaints I’ve gotten at other shops is that they never stay open late enough,” says Denise, who has been a barber for 12 years. “This is a nice touch and people love that.”

Open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Barbers on the Bay also gives senior citizen discounts every day.

Visit Barbers on the Bay at 417 Thompson Creek Road near the Cracker Barrel or call 443-249-3140 for more information.