Bay Bridge Tolls Increase

On January 29, the Authority Members approved a cost-recovery initiative that is expected to generate approximately $60-million a year for the self-supporting agency. As part of this initiative, toll rates for vehicles with three or more axles have changed and a new overweight/oversize vehicle permit charge was effective May 1 along with the following changes: (1) new toll rates for multi-axle vehicles, including trucks with three or more axles and vehicles towing trailers.; (2) a new rebate program will automatically offer a 10% discount to E-ZPass Maryland business customers for their vehicles with three or more axles making more than 100 trips per month through Authority facilities; (3) Class 7 vehicle class has been eliminated. Drivers previously charged Class 7 tolls will be charged based on the number of axles; (4) a new Oversize and/or Overweight Permit Process is in effect; and, (5) motorcyclists will pay the two-axle toll rate when using a side-car or towing a light trailer. For complete toll-rate information, visit