Biofuel and Biomass Incentives

Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio and other members of the Economic Matters Committee held a hearing on a bill that would offer Maryland incentives for biomass and biofuel production. The bill includes a net metering component for energy generated from cellulosic feedstock, but also a more controversial measure that sets enhanced content requirements for diesel and gasoline in the State of Maryland. This provision is controversial because it could raise costs for government and the private sector at a time when they are already experiencing economic hardships. There is also disagreement about whether biofuels negatively affect engine parts and cause operating difficulties during extreme outdoor temperatures.

Committee members heard testimony from a variety of stakeholders including the Chesapeake Bay Commission, the Maryland Motor Truck Association and two Maryland biofuel companies – New Generation Biofuels and Greenlight Biofuels of Princess Anne, Maryland.

Haddaway serves on the Public Utilities Subcommittee, which will likely take up the bill in the next few weeks.