Black Bear Captured

A young black bear that caused a sensation eight months ago, making a rare appearance on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, was captured last week after making a return trip to the area. The bear was caught in the back yard of a residence just outside of downtown Centreville when he crawled into a trap baited with birdseed, according to Paul Peditto, director of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife and Heritage Service. The male bear was tranquilized, tagged and transported to a new home in Washington County. Because of his initial travel pattern, wildlife officials believed the bear had come to Maryland from Pennsylvania and would find his way home on his own, so they decided not to capture and relocate him, Peditto said. The 250-pound bear, believed to be between two and three years old, turned up in Centreville, where officials set traps baited with doughnuts and birdseed in the back yard of a home he was frequenting. Once trapped, officials discovered the bear actually comes from New Jersey.