Candle Light Cove Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care

By Sandra Zunino

When faced with the decision of placing an elderly loved one in residential care, you want a facility that provides a nurturing environment for the resident as well as peace of mind for the family. Easton’s Candle Light Cove Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Care offers both.

Reputed for consistently excellent care and a homelike environment, Candle Light Cove focuses on a high level of assistance and comfort for its residents, providing a care ratio of 1:8, plus on-site nursing supervision. With only 32 private suites, the atmosphere of this small community is similar to a bed and breakfast, according to Kate Gallagher, marketing manager.

While smaller facilities can provide a more intimate family-like setting, it is still important to have enough residents to justify a top-notch care-giving staff, says Kate. “I feel like we’ve hit a happy medium when it comes to size.”

People come first, is the philosophy at Candle Light Cove. For this reason, Candle Light Cove recruits “person-centered” rather than task-oriented staff trained in geriatric care. With a full-time RN as wellness director, Candle Light Cove offers on-site nursing care 16 hours daily and “on-call” nursing availability overnight.

Taking this proactive stance not only insures wellness for residents, but also provides a level of confidence for their families. Relatively speaking, this is a high level of nursing attention, assures Kate. “We are proud to have a fulltime RN who really works with our residents, their doctors and their families to maintain optimal health,” she says.

Keeping residents comfortable and happy is a top priority at Candle Light Cove. Residents and their families are encouraged to bring in familiar furnishings and decorate rooms to their own taste. Even the kitchen is like one from a large family home, opposed to an institution. Furthermore, the cook interacts regularly with residents, considering personal preferences for meal preparation.

The spacious commons area provides an opportunity for social interaction for residents and their families. A full-time activities coordinator plans regular recreational activities to entertain residents including daily exercise programs, walks, crafts, games and outings.

When it comes to Alzheimer’s residents, Candle Light Cove offers a secure, comfortable environment and specialized care. Kate recognizes that it is emotionally difficult to seek residential care for those with these progressive diseases, but cautions families not to wait too long. Often by the time someone is placed in a full-care program, the caregiver is exhausted.

As in the assisted living program, each resident’s care plan is tailored – and adjusted over time – to meet his or her particular needs.

“You need to have complete and total trust in those who are taking care of your loved one,” she says. Fortunately, she’s noticed wonderful bonds formed between family and caregivers especially in the Alzheimer’s care program. “The family can enjoy a good visit, interact, provide stimulation and emotional support,” she says, “and at the end of the day, they can go home and get some rest.”

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