CarChips Help Talbot Parents Monitor Teen Drivers

Area parents are finding a handy tool – the CarChip – helpful in reducing some of the risks involved in teenage driving.  The CarChip is a small computer chip that plugs into a vehicle’s onboard computer and tracks speed, distance traveled and braking habits. Afterwards, when the chip is plugged into a home computer it provides a summary of driving results.


CarChips are free to Talbot County parents with first year drivers. Karen Fisher of Easton, a parent which has used the CarChip, comments, “I’m excited about having a tool to help parents of new drivers better monitor their driving habits.”


CarChip provides an opportunity for teens and their parents to talk about driving responsibly as well as reviewing driving skills. Parents can provide positive feedback or constructive advice to their new drivers. Knowing that Mom or Dad can access the CarChip information may just encourage teens to be better drivers.

To receive a free CarChip, Talbot parents need to sign a safe driving contract with their child, have a car made in 1996 or later, have access to a computer with Windows 95 or later, complete a survey within a year to share their experience, and pass their CarChip along to another family when they are done with it.


Wendy Towers, a parent who has recently used the CarChip, comments, “What we learned is that no matter how much we talked about appropriate speed the proof was in the CarChip. Kids will push the limits of everything. The CarChip is a tool for parents to use that can give kids a visual explanation as to why we say SLOW DOWN.  The best thing it does is to open dialog between parents and kids about safe driving.”


For further information, contact Talbot Partnership at 410-819-8067 or e-mail