Chamber Hospital Relocation Survey Results

The Talbot County Chamber of Commerce surveyed its membership using web based Constant Contact to ask them three questions regarding the proposed relocation of Memorial Hospital. The results of the survey are published below:


1) The most important issue surrounding the relocation of Memorial Hospital is:
a) Quality Health Care 63.3%
b) Location 21.8%
c) Other 8.4%
d) No response 6.3%
e) TOTAL 100%


2) The relocation of Memorial Hospital will affect my business:
a) Significantly Positively 4.2%
b) Positively 2.8%
c) Not At All 51.4%
d) Negatively 13.3%
e) Significantly Negatively 7.7% f) Not Sure 16.1%
g) Other 1.4%
h) No Response 2.8%
i) TOTAL 100%


Please check your business category:
a) Retail 13.3%
b) Finance 9.1%
c) Insurance 2.1%
d) Real Estate 7.0%
e) Tourism 7.0%
f) Medical 4.9%
g) Legal 4.9%
h) Manufacturing 3.9%
i) Other 42.2%
j) No Responses 5.6%
k) TOTAL 100%