Charles “Andy” Larrimore Files To Run For Talbot County Sheriff

Charles “Andy” Larrimore has officially filed to run for Talbot County Sheriff in the 2010 election. Larrimore, who will be running as a Democratic candidate, filed at the Talbot County Board of Elections Office Wednesday morning.

Larrimore has plans for a proactive approach to crime prevention and drug reduction in Talbot County, including reinstating an investigator to the Drug Task Force and placing drug dogs back on the streets. “There has not been a member of the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office on the Drug Task Force for over three years and both drug dogs were taken out of service several years ago, even though drug use in the County has been on the rise.” Larrimore stated. “It’s time we take our community back by working together.”

Larrimore also plans to reorganize the budget of the Sheriff’s Office and reevaluate the take-home car policy for deputies who live outside of Talbot County. “The Sheriff’s Department has been wasting a big part of its budget on unnecessary expenses such as uniforms, vehicle lettering and excessive fuel consumption for commuting to Ellicott City and other locations outside of Talbot County.” Larrimore said. “This money would better serve the citizens of our county if it were spent on crime prevention and public safety.” If elected, Larrimore would ask the county to put a freeze on his own salary in an effort to reduce the budget and serve the citizens of Talbot County.

Larrimore has chosen Robert Hobbs, Sr., a 30-year law enforcement veteran, to serve as his Chief Deputy. Hobbs is a graduate of the National FBI Academy and served as commander of the Criminal Investigation Units at both Easton Police Department and Talbot County Sheriff’s Office. In 2001, Hobbs served as the interim Chief for the St. Michaels Police Department.

George Ball, a former Chief Deputy of the Talbot County Sheriff’s Department and current Trappe Police Chief, will serve as Treasurer for Larrimore’s campaign.

Larrimore grew up in Talbot County, is a graduate of Easton High School, and served in the United States Marine Corps for four years. Larrimore’s law enforcement career includes service with the Easton Police Department, Talbot County Sheriff’s Department, and the Centreville Police Department where he currently serves as a K9 handler. Larrimore’s resume includes a lengthy list of awards and honors, including Law Enforcement Officer of the Year for both Talbot County Sheriff’s Office (2004) and Centreville Police Department (2009). Larrimore resides in Trappe with his wife and their two children.