Chesapeake College Computers Recovered

Investigation of the theft has resulted in the recovery of all of the missing monitors and CPUs.

Investigation revealed that an adult and four juvenile males were in the area and the adult had an argument with one of the juveniles who was his son. As a result of the argument, the adult left his son and three friends in the area of Chesapeake College and returned to his residence in Howard County. The three juveniles walked around in the area and attempted to get someone to come from Howard County to pick them up. While waiting, the group walked around the college and found the Workforce Bus unlocked with the computers inside. Two of the juveniles decided to take the computers while a third served as a lookout. The fourth juvenile stated he did not want anything to do with the theft and walked away. Upon being picked up, the group returned to Howard County.

After about a week, the father sold several of the units to a business in Laurel at the request of his son. The business checked the items and in the process learned they had been stolen from the college.

Queen Anne Detectives assisted by Howard County Police served a Search and Seizure warrant at a residence in Columbia, failing to locate any of the computers. The adult was placed under arrest and as the juveniles were contacted, items began to be recovered.

As a result, Walter Cullum (35) of Columbia, Male (17) of Columbia, Male (16) of Columbia and Male (16) of Onley have been charged / referred for theft and burglary.

Detectives have recovered al of the stolen items. The computers have been returned to the college who is checking for damage.