Click It Or Ticket Returns

State and local law enforcement agencies are engaged in this year’s Click it or Ticket campaign to ensure safe travel. The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s office along with the state, the transportation authority, and natural resources police are stepping up enforcement of the state’s seat belt law. The law requires motorists to use seat belts anytime a vehicle is in motion and makes drivers responsible for passengers under the age of 16. The agencies remind motorists of the increased safety that seat belts provide and of the $25 fine for not wearing one. Maryland law allows tickets to be issued for a lack of seat belts even if no other violation is observed. The fine for passengers under the age of 16 who are not wearing belts is $48 and the state recommends that all children under 13 ride in the back seat. Those with historical vehicles unequipped with seat belts may be exempt as well as those who present certification from a doctor stating a medical reason for not wearing a seat belt.