Click It or Ticket Campaign 2009

As a join effort to assure safe travel, the Maryland State Police, the Queen Anne’s County Office of the Sheriff, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, and Natural Resources Police will once again is stepping up enforcement of Maryland’s Seat Belt law. Motorists are reminded that they are required to be belted at all times while a vehicle is in motion. Drivers are responsible for all passengers under the age of sixteen. The fine for not wearing the seat belt is twenty-five dollars, but the opportunity for the belt to save your life is the better reason for wearing the belt.

Proper use of the belt allows seat belts to provide 52% chance of avoiding serious injury or death. Staying inside the vehicle during vehicle roll over provides an 82% chance of survival. Do not place the shoulder strap behind you as this will cause serious injury in case of a crash. If your vehicle has an air bag, the seat belt MUST be used.

Since October 1997, Maryland has had a Primary Seat Belt Law. This means that police are able to ticket drivers and/or adult front seat passengers for not wearing a seat belt even if no other violation is observed. The law covers the driver and the front seat passenger next to the door, each of whom may receive a twenty-five dollar ticket for not wearing the belt. The driver will be issued a forty-eight dollars ticket for any passengers under the age of sixteen that aren’t belted. A reminder that all children 15 years or younger MUST be secured in a child safety seat or seat belt (booster seat) in all seating positions in all vehicles. Remember that kids under the age of 13 are safest in the back seat!

Drivers and passengers of Class L (historical) motor vehicles and vehicles not required by federal motor vehicle standards to be equipped with seat belts are exempt along with those having written certificate from their doctor stating a medical reason for not using their seat belt.

Do your part to be safe – BUCKLE UP! CLICK IT or TICKET!