Commissioner Gene Ransom To Serve As Board President

Dr. Eric Wargotz, the current commission president, announced that the five commissioners decided Commissioner Gene Ransom will serve as board president for the third year of the board’s term, which starts in December. Commissioner Courtney Billups will serve as commission vice president. The five county commissioners are elected by voters countywide to four-year terms. Each of the four geographic districts is represented by one commissioner, and the fifth commissioner, who can reside anywhere in the county, is elected commission president for the first year in office. The commissioners themselves designate a board president for the second, third and fourth years. Wargotz is completing his second year as president. Wargotz also announced a county commissioner will not serve on the Queen Anne’s County Planning Commission next year. Instead, the commissioners will fill the slot with a county citizen. Wargotz’s term on the planning commission will end in December.