DGH Chemo Unit Benefits from Foundation Gift

Individuals who come to Dorchester General Hospital for outpatient chemotherapy treatment now enjoy a more comfortable setting thanks to a gift from the Dorchester General Hospital Foundation. The Foundation’s donation of $9,200 was used to purchase four new treatment chairs that put the finishing touches on a total renovation of the hospital’s water view chemotherapy suite.

The renovation project began by converting two small treatment areas into one larger unit. The more open space makes it easier for nurses and patients to communicate with each another. Each chair can be curtained off for patient privacy, as needed.

Brian Leutner, director of oncology services for Shore Health System, says, “A more open floor plan is the newest approach to designing chemotherapy treatment spaces. People are here for several hours for each appointment and they have an opportunity to visit with each and to give each other support, which is an important aspect of cancer care.”

Chemotherapy nurse coordinator Kathy Hurley, RN, adds, “Our patients love the new colors and the brighter room. The nurses’ station is now centrally located so that we can see everyone at all times, which improves our efficiency and ensures that patients are always safe and quickly attended to.”

The chemotherapy chairs have built-in heaters and tilt to recline, so that patients can comfortably watch television and rest during treatment. The arms of the chairs are easily removed to assist with transferring patients into and out of wheelchairs. One of the chairs is oversized and is equipped with a scale for patients who are unable to stand to be weighed.

Leutner says, “We are most grateful to the Dorchester General Hospital Foundation and their generous donors for making it possible for us to complete our renovation with such high quality furnishings.”