Dogs Need Good Homes

The Queen Anne’s County Department of Animal Services is desperately looking for good homes for its canine occupants.

“I am concerned this is not a temporary problem. The slowing economic situation is making pet adoption a luxury fewer and fewer people can afford…and it is leading to more and more drop-offs,” said Gregg Todd, Chief Operating Officer and interim director of the department.

The department currently has 30 regular kennels, some of which are doubled up, and although staff is working hard to place dogs, drop-offs are now outpacing adoptions. Construction of additional kennels is scheduled for later this year and local rescue groups and animal control agencies in nearby counties have taken several dogs to help ease the overcrowding.

For more information on adoption, call the Department of Animal Services at 410-758-2393 or check the website by going to Those wishing to foster dogs on a temporary basis are also encouraged to call, check the website or come to the shelter to see the dogs.