Easter Bunny Visits Memorial Hospital

The Easter Bunny carried on an annual tradition of visiting The Memorial Hospital at Easton to spread good cheer and deliver treats. Sheriff Gary Hofmann and Sgt. Chris Tarr of Queen Anne’s County and Sheriff Dallas Pope of Talbot County accompanied the large white rabbit on his rounds of the pediatrics unit, where they handed out stuffed bunnies to several children. The group also made a stop at the Requard Center for Acute Rehabilitation, where the young at heart accepted gifts and a brief visit from the Easter Bunny.

The stuffed animals were made available through the Easter Bunny Foundation. Founded in Florida in 1995, the Foundation joins forces with county sheriffs around the country, who visit hospitals with goodies for children.

The sheriffs left behind plenty of stuffed bunnies that nurses will use to reward brave children who receive IV medications and other procedures during a stay at Memorial Hospital.