Eastern Shore Lawmakers Concerned Over Bridge Closings

“Two Eastern Shore lawmakers say they are concerned about the decision to completely close one lane on the Bay Bridge and what that may mean about the bridge’s safety. Delegate Dick Sossi, R-36-Queen Anne’s, wants to know why one lane must be closed around-the-clock for repairs if the Bay Bridge’s east span is considered safe. He said limiting eastbound traffic to just two lanes during the evening rush hour “”is going to be a problem”” for commuters living on the Eastern Shore. Sossi said when he discussed the matter with Maryland Transportation Authority officials, he was told that if similar repairs have to be made at the other four corners of the bridge, it could take an additional six to seven weeks.

Senator E.J. Pipkin, R-36, Upper Shore, said he is “”deeply concerned”” about what he has heard so far. “”A couple of weeks ago, we were assured there was no structural damage,”” he said. He said this issue points out the need for a “”game plan”” to handle situations on the eastbound span. AAA Mid-Atlantic said MdTA officials are taking the proper approach to the bridge issues. AAA Mid-Atlantic has been critical of bridge safety after the August 10 accident.