Explore the Green Movement at Chesapeake College

Explore the “Green Movement” at Chesapeake College with the new series of courses entitled Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, and Wind energies. Each course will provide participants with information on how each system works, how to choose the right system for their needs, and what the impact that choice would have on the environment.

Have you ever wondered how electricity is produced by a photovoltaic — what we often call a PV or solar electric — system? Chesapeake’s first course, Photovoltaic: System design and Performance, will provide an overview of the origins of photovoltaic power generation and discuss the current state of system materials, design strategies and applications. This course is offered on Wednesday, September 23 (7-8:30 pm) at the Wye Mills Campus.

The second course, Solar Thermal: System Design and Performance, is offered on Wednesday, October 14 (7-8:30 pm). This course will provide an overview of recent solar hot water generation systems and discuss the current system designs, materials, design strategies, and applications (domestic hot water and space heating).

The final course in this series, Wind Turbine Generators, provides an overview of the wind turbine industry, focusing primarily on small commercial and residential applications. Turbine placement, characteristics and performance will also be discussed. This class is offered on Wednesday, November 11 (7-8:30 pm) at the Wye Mills campus.

Each course is $10. Participants can register for courses individually or as a series. For more information, contact Marci Leach at Chesapeake College by calling 410-827-5833 or by email, mleach@chesapeake.edu.