Explore the World of Wireless Through Pagetronics

By Sandra Zunino

Not too long ago, it was the stuff of sci-fi movies. Now, with phone calls, internet and navigation as close as any cell phone, it’s hard to imagine ever living without wireless communication.

Of course, the wonders of wireless are only as good as your equipment and network. With so many options, a trusted agent is key for making the most of your wireless investment. For more than 10 years, Pagetronics Wireless, owned and operated by Bill Fleishell, has been providing the Eastern Shore with expert advice and supreme service in the ever-changing field of wireless technology.

What started out as a paging company has grown to become the largest Verizon Wireless retailer of the Upper Eastern Shore. Bill opened the first Pagetronics on Kent Island and since then has expanded to include stores in Denton and Easton. Pagetronics also has partner stores throughout the shore including Cambridge and Ocean City.

When cellular service appeared, Bill says he chose to ally with Verizon because it provided the best coverage on the Eastern Shore. More than just a convenience, dependable coverage is critical when a cell phone is needed for an emergency. “Verizon is constantly investing to improve the quality of its coverage,” says Bill.

Top-notch service is paramount when taking advantage of the best that wireless communication has to offer. All of Pagetronics sales associates have been with the company for at least five years and three have been with Bill from the company’s beginning. What this translates to is having someone not only provide assistance in making initial choices, but a support system whenever a problem arises. This can be anything from helping you understand a bill, recommending a new service or letting you know if a phone upgrade is more economical than replacing a battery.

Not only is Pagetronics current with all the promotions, bonuses, free phones and rebates frequently offered, the staff is able to work with customers to beat any competitor’s deal. That is because Pagetronics maintains control over equipment prices while competitors must adhere to fixed pricing.

Pagetronics is also up to date with the many new services that erupt almost daily.As if talking, texting, sending pictures and accessing the internet were not enough, VZ Navigator provides systematic directions, traffic alerts and automatic re-routing with GPS. Chaperone uses GPS to help customers keep track of their cell-phone equipped children. Field Force Manager offers busy entrepreneurs location management for employees, electronic timecards, job dispatch and more.

With cell phone restrictions for drivers already enacted in some cities, wireless headsets help you stay in communication without distraction. With a Verizon Wireless air card and a laptop, you are no longer bound by the walls of your office. These and more accessories and equipment are available in the Pagetronics stores.

Proof of Pagetronics’ dedication to excellence is the more than 40 performance awards it has received for this region, which extends from the Eastern Shore to Baltimore, including the Outstanding Performance award for the past two years.

Pagetronics has become a fixture in the local community as well, donating thousands of dollars and sponsorships to organizations such as A.R.F, KIFD, Grasonville Fire Department, the Humane Society, Relay for Life, area schools, sports and youth activities.

Recently, Pagetronics donated 20 pre-owned mobile phones to the Terrapin Grove Senior Center to help residents reach 911 in case of an emergency. “We take pride in being active in the community,” says Bill, “and this is just something small we can do to give back.”

For more information about Pagetronics Wireless, visit www.pagetronics.com or call 410-604-1000 for the Kent Island store, 410-770-9175 for the Easton location and 410-479-5552 for Denton.