Farmer Jason – For Kids

September 27, 2008
$12 10:30AM

Ticket Needed for Anybody Over 1 Year Old

When internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Jason Ringenberg created his children’s music character FARMER JASON in 2003, he had no idea he was launching what would prove to be the most commercially successful creation of his storied career. With two sweet, beautiful, preschool daughters missing Daddy Jason during his 200 dates a year touring schedule, Jason wanted to make a CD that his kids could listen to while he was out globetrotting. To his surprise, soon lots of other daughters and little sons were singing along as well.

Disney’s magazine FAMILY FUN called it “one of the Top 5 kids’ CDs of 2003.” FarmerJason, Jason Ringenberg’s “twin brother” (wink wink), was soon drawing sell-out crowds from Osh Kosh to Oslo doing children’s concerts in venues ranging from schools and libraries to punk rock clubs. NO DEPRESSION said of his show: “Sounding as excited as a Captain Crunched 6-year old on Saturday morning, Farmer Jason dares you not to sing along. Resistance is utterly futile.”

Historical Society Auditorium
17 S. Washington Street
Easton, MD 21601

Tickets: or call 443-786-2750.