Fradulent Sweepstakes

A male resident of Queenstown reported that he on Sunday, 2/22/2009 he had been contacted by telephone and advised he had won a sweepstakes prize of 1.5 Million Dollars. As an insurance policy, the victim was requested to send $1,200 via Western Union to a location in Carson City, Nevada and that upon the delivery of the sweepstakes money it would be refunded. The victim did send the requested money and has been unable to recontact the sweepstakes company. Detectives provided the victim with information on how to report the incident to federal authorities, but it is unlikely that any money will be recovered. Sheriff Hofmann wants to remind the public to use caution when contacted by scams such as this. It’s highly unlikely that you’ve won a sweepstakes when you don’t recall entering it in the first place. When it seems too good to be true and the caller is requesting money up front, before sending any cash or providing a credit card contact the Sheriff’s Office at (410) 758 0770.