Freedom Rowers Trade Oars for Brushes

Visions of Tom Sawyer came to mind as members of Freedom Rowers’ youth and adult crews turned out in large numbers for a different kind of fundraiser: fence painting. On Saturday, May 17, they painted a long fence at the Bullitt House on Dover Street in Easton, home of Mid-Shore Community Foundation.


As the rowers worked, residents and passersby stopped to chat and neighboring business owners applauded their work. By the end of the day, having taken only a short break for pizza provided by Mid-Shore Community Foundation, the group had spread 10 gallons of stain on both sides of the picket fence.   


 “This was a perfect opportunity to remind the kids that they have to be willing to work to support the programs that are important to them,” said Robbin Hill, director of Mid Shore Community Foundation. “”While our discretionary grant funds are too limited and the community’s needs too great to allow us to support the program through a direct grant, the Bullitt House is an ongoing project that often presents opportunities to recruit community support—in this case, youth labor.”


Freedom Rowers offers competitive and recreational rowing for youth and adult athletes under the guidance of a professional coaching staff and the support of adult mentors. Teams practice on the Tred Avon River in cooperation with Evergreen Cove Holistic Center in Easton, which hosts the launching facility. Freedom Rowers is funded by dues, donations, business sponsorships, and community support, with funds managed and administered by Mid Shore Community Foundation.


Continued participation from the community, in the form of experienced coaches, volunteers, equipment donations, or financial assistance is welcome to maintain the program and help with continued growth.


For more information or to join a team, please email, write to PO Box 3086, Easton MD 21601, phone 410-829-1691, or visit