Girls Night Out

Have you always wanted to design your own jewelry? Here’s your chance. On Friday, September 25, from 5-9pm, come to Island Arts in Stevensville and create your very own charms out of pure silver clay in a fabulously simple workshop hosted by CharmTree’s Melissa Kay-Steves. Not sure you’re ready? Come watch a live demonstration, shop for jewelry, browse designs, or just enjoy a complimentary glass of wine and dessert. One lucky person will win a silver charm.

Melissa Kay-Steves has been creating jewelry for more than 20 years. In 2006, after discovering Precious Metal Clay or PMC® her work has taken her on a new journey of discovery. The fascinating and relatively new medium of silver clay has allowed her to tap into her creativity in ways she never thought possible. She now teaches others how to explore the world of silver, fire, stone and crystal and its unique possibilities. “It is hard not to get excited about what one can do with silver clay. To be able to help someone make a sentimental piece with their child’s name, or a special date, and to see the joy it brings is extremely rewarding,” Steves’ said.

PMC® is clay made of microscopically ground, pure silver or gold particles, water and an organic binder. While in clay form it can be rolled, stamped, carved, and molded with unbelievable ease. Once fired in a kiln or with a torch, the clay becomes Fine Silver (.999) or gold. PMC is considered fine silver which is more pure than sterling silver and hallmarked .999. Sterling silver is hallmarked .925, which means its composition is 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is copper and other alloys.

Workshop Fee: $45 (includes 2 charms + jump ring findings) and refreshments. Pre-registration by 9/18 for workshop only ($20 non-refundable deposit can be made at Island Arts/My Little Studio). Space is limited so please call (240) 422-6716 or email for more information or visit