Going with Computers On The Go

By Sandra Zunino

The advent of the home computer has enriched the lives of those who own them…. That is, until said computer crashes at 7:30 p.m. the night before the big proposal you were working on is due, or the artwork you downloaded from the internet to make Aunt Mary’s party invitation has a virus that erases your hard drive.

On these occasions, computer ownership can be downright frustrating.

Computers On The Go, owned by Talbot County entrepreneur Bill Lippincott, has the remedy for your computer woes. Bill realized this area needed such a service when he had a hard time finding qualified technicians to fix computers for his vacation rental business in St. Michaels. Six year ago, Bill decided to start Computers On The Go and since then the business has repaired more than 5,000 area computers.

Utilizing the talents of top-notch IT technicians, Jim Butts and John Alvis, Computers On The Go can supply any number of computer services including data backup, data recovery, networking, diagnostics and repair, virus and spyware removal, hardware and software installation and more.

Services can be performed almost immediately in many cases and often take very little time. For further convenience, the technicians can provide some training to help users better understand their programs.

“Many people do not know how to set up something as simple as email,” says Bill. “Senior citizens in particular really appreciate our help.”

Customers can take advantage of having a technician perform repairs at the site, or they can bring the tower into the store in downtown Easton to have it examined. Bill originally opened the shop in St. Michaels, but relocated to Easton to be more centrally located to clientele throughout Talbot and Queen Anne’s counties.

In fact, relocating businesses can really utilized the services of Computers On The Go to get all the computers removed and safely packed for transportation, then set up properly at the new location. For area small businesses, Computers On The Go is the next best thing to having an in-house IT department and much more economical.

As a further service to its customers, Computers On The Go will pick up a customer’s new computer from any local retail outlet, delivery it to the customer and install it for a nominal fee. Customers can also order computers and hardware at the Easton store.

A new service Bill plans to implement is an online catalog so customers can easily find products from the convenience of their computer desk.

Computers, not unlike cars, occasionally benefit from tune-ups. Defragmenting disks, removing unused programs and cleaning up files can enhance the computer’s speed and efficiency. Computers On The Go will soon be running a special so customers can take advantage of this service for a fraction of the original cost.

Additionally, think about all the secure information on your computer. Computers On The Go can help ensure security for your computer or make sure your computer is completely clean of personal information before you sell it.

For more information about Computers On The Go and the many services they offer, call 410-770-9911.