Harris Launches First General Election Ad

“Today, the Andy Harris for Congress campaign launched the first television advertisement of the general election. The ad outlines Andy Harris’ plan to solve the energy crisis.

 “”Andy’s energy plan is exactly what the doctor ordered.”” said Chris Meekins, Campaign Manager for the Andy Harris for Congress campaign. “”Andy’s energy plan offers a comprehensive approach that balances the need for more oil through domestic exploration with the need to move towards alternative fuels like wind solar and biofuels.””

The ad is available for viewing at www.andyharris.com or by clicking here.

Below is the script of the television ad:

“”Gas prices are skyrocketing and Congress just points fingers. We can do better. My solution, an energy plan that includes greater production of domestic fuel alternative energy like wind, solar and biofuel and more conservation.

As a doctor, I have seen what miracles modern medicine has accomplished. We can do the same with energy. It takes leadership and vision. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

I’m Andy Harris and I approved this message”””