Harris Out-Raises Kratovil Yet Again

“Press Release From Harris Campaign

The Kratovil campaign continued to show their lackluster fundraising ability with the announcement that for the 4th consecutive quarter the Harris campaign has outraised them. The Harris fundraising juggernaut has continued to post strong numbers from quarter to quarter.

Harris has continued to surpass all stated fundraising goals. Months ago, the Harris stated he wanted to be halfway to a $1.2million dollar budget. The campaign has brought in over $746,000 well above the $600,000 goal. “”Andy’s message of lower taxes and less wasteful spending is generating the support allowing us to surpass every fundraising goal we have set,”” said Campaign Manager Chris Meekins. “”The Harris campaign clearly has the momentum, and the Kratovil campaign has once again come up short.””

Despite the influx of liberal special interest money from DC, Kratovil still cannot match the Harris fundraising juggernaut. “”This is a clear sign Kratovil’s liberal message of higher taxes and more wasteful government spending is not resonating with donors.”” Said Harris Campaign Manager Chris Meekins.

To help weed through the political spin typical of campaign seasons, here are some facts about the fundraising totals:

Harris out-raised Kratovil for a 4th consecutive quarter.
Harris well surpassed all stated fundraising goals.
Harris has $150,000 more cash on hand than the Kratovil campaign.