Holiday Season Indulgences Can Land You In The Emergency Room

Americans are well versed on the dangers of mixing prescriptions and some over the counter drugs and alcohol. However, have you ever considered the side effects of gravy, a tyramine rich food, and a MAO inhibitor like Parnate®? This interaction can increase your blood pressure and cause a life-threatening hypertensive crisis.

Here are a couple other potentially harmful interactions:
• Zoloft® and alcohol – Alcoholic beverages have an effect on most drugs that work in the nervous system.
• Pepto Bismol and prescription drugs – Common products from antacids to cold and flu medicine can have adverse reactions when combined with prescription drugs. In some cases the over the counter drugs can also decrease the effectiveness of prescription drugs, adversely affecting your health.

“It is always a good idea to carefully read through the warnings on your prescriptions,” says Karen Kram, R.Ph, pharmacist, Kent Drugs, Chester. “This is particularly important around the holidays when you may be around foods and beverages that may not be part of your normal routine. If you need help with figuring out what doesn’t go with what just bring in your prescriptions and speak with your local pharmacist,” she adds.

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