Joslex – Untangling the Web

By Sandra Zunino

Your business’s image is as important in the virtual world as it is in the real world. Years ago, however, when local real estate entrepreneur Jeff Weese sought a website design for his business, he found it prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, Jeff had a background in working with computers and an eye for good graphic design, thus prompting him to create his own website. What started as a hobby soon became a viable business and the beginning of Joslex.

Jeff volunteered his website skills to local churches and organizations. As the word got out, more people approached him to do websites for their businesses. Eventually, Jeff realized he had a marketable skill and decided it was time to launch Joslex with the goal of providing quality websites at an affordable price.

A comprehensive and professional website is important because the website may be the first impression potential clients have of the business.

“There is really no end to what you can do,” says Jeff. Websites can be as simple as a virtual brochure or encompass more complicated elements such as blogs, calendars, newsletters, etc. The clients may provide their own photos and art if they have a specific look they are going for, or Jeff can find stock photography and art to match the image they wish to portray.

Once Jeff comes up with a design, he presents it to the client. Upon their approval, Jeff takes the information and transfers it to the website through coding, then launches the site.

“One thing about web design is, it’s ever-changing,” explains Jeff. “Web design is done completely different today than it was five to eight years ago.” Because Jeff enjoys working with computers, he was not only able teach himself how to create web design, he has managed to stay proficient in this dynamic field.

“There are two parts of designing a website,” Jeff explains, “the graphic design component and the coding part.” Often web design companies have two separate departments dedicated to each component. Because Jeff does both well, he is able to create beautiful websites for a lower cost to his clients.

While there are programs available for amateurs to create websites, the end result may be disappointing. Better programs are more expensive and complicated for the average user. Basic programs maybe easier to understand but are limited.

Another important factor of having a website professionally created is it helps ensure search engines like Google recognize the business.

In addition to offering website design at an affordable price, Joslex also offers discounts through coupons posted at and to members of the QAC Chamber of Commerce.

“I think for the price people are really getting a lot of value for what they receive,” says Jeff.

So far, Joslex clients have been local. As Joslex continues to gain recognition, local design firms have subcontracted Jeff for creating websites for their clients.

While Joslex is not Jeff’s primary business, he says it has the potential for growth. For more information about web design pricing, hosting, or to view a portfolio of Joslex web designs, visit