LIFE Event to Help Caroline Residents Deal with Trying Economic Times

On June 24, Caroline County residents will have the opportunity to learn where they can turn for help and which services are available to them and to their families to help them cope with today’s trying economic times.

The Community Outreach Team and Advisory Board of the Caroline County Department of Social Services will host the Living In a Fragile Economy (L.I.F.E.) event on June 24 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at North Caroline High School in Ridgely, MD. This event is free to all families and residents of Caroline County.

The L.I.F.E. event will give the residents of Caroline County a chance to learn about various services offered by the local Department of Social Services. Representatives from the Health Department, Core Services, and other agencies will be available to educate the residents of Caroline County on programs their agencies offer and to share information with one another.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Kathy Seifert, the CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services, will present, “Building Strong Communities,” addressing how strong communities play a vital role during today’s challenging economic times. Dr. Seifert has over 30 years of experience in mental health, addictions, and criminal justice work.

The event will also include a visit from Senator E.J. Pipkin and other local elected officials. There will be panel discussions, live entertainment and breakout sessions, with representatives from various programs offered by the Department of Social Services. There will also be light refreshments available. Translators and sign language interpreters will be provided.

For more information or to pre-register to attend the event, please contact Ty Kennedy at 410-819-4500 or