Laughter Club Forming At Kent Island Senior Center

“You have no doubt heard that LAUGHTER is the BEST MEDICINE; and that if you laugh at least once a day you’ll add eight years to your life. With that in mind a LAUGHTER CLUB is forming at the KENT ISLAND SENIOR CENTER. Beginning Wednesday, October 1, the club will meet from 12:45 to 1:45 pm at the KISC located at 891 Love Point Rd Stevensville, Md. Across from Kent Island High School.

Members can share a joke, tell a funny story, bring a silly picture, wear a costume, or perhaps do a skit. This is a great opportunity for a wanna-be stand up comedian! The purpose of the Laughter Club will be to have fun and laugh with others.

All seniors are invited to come and join in the fun with Trish Beville who will host the Laughter Club. Votes will be cast for the best and the worst joke, or skit. Prizes will be volunteer hours which will qualify winners to attend the annual Hours of Honors FREE Crab Feast held in September 2009.

Jokes and worthy quotes will be collected for a JOKES & QUOTES BOOK to be published and sold as a fund raiser for the KISC. The Laughter Club is meant to be just that, lots of laughs, silliness and socialization. This world needs more laughter, so do your part to add to the joy and make other laugh. For More Information contact Trish Beville 410-604-3801