Light Up Your Life with All American Electric Service LLC

By Sandra Zunino

Of all the home improvement projects, dealing with electricity is best left to the professionals. But it can be difficult to find an electrician to handle some of the smaller applications such as installing a ceiling fan, swapping out light fixtures or wiring for a hot tub.

Keith Bilbrough of Bilbrough’s Electric recognized a need for electrical service work for homeowners in the area about four years ago and decided to fill that need. Bilbrough Electric, founded by Keith’s father, has been doing large-scale commercial, residential and industrial projects for more than 20 years in this area.

All American Electric Service LLC, a subsidiary of Bilbrough Electric, was formed when Keith started getting numerous calls for electrical services. “We decided to get a truck on the road to primarily handle service work,” he says.

Since that time, All American has expanded to include four service trucks handling calls from all over Maryland’s Eastern Shore, parts of Delaware and even across the Bay Bridge in Anne Arundel County.

“We provide same-day service for most calls,” says Keith who is a licensed Master Electrician in both Maryland and Delaware. When a customer calls in, the phone is answered by a live person opposed to an answering machine. “People are really tickled with that,” says Keith.

Promising 24-hour emergency electrical service, the caller is always forwarded to a number where someone will answer in the event of an emergency, and dispatch a technician if needed.

However, if someone calls because his lights do not work, an All American staff member will walk him through the steps of resetting his GFCI over the phone first, just to make sure it is not a simple problem that can easily be corrected without a service call.

Estimates for the service are provided once the technician personally assesses the job. From there, the objective is to do the work immediately, or schedule a time to come back and address the project. While All American does not give out rates over the phone, they can ask pertinent questions about the project and give a ballpark figure to the customer so he or she has some idea of what the project may cost.

“We handle little things that many larger electrical contractors can’t take the time to address,” says Keith. Such projects might include running electric lines for a new swimming pool, converting power supply for an electric appliance that once used gas or propane, or installing outdoor light fixtures.

An All American trusted qualified technician performs all service work. Most of Keith’s employees have been with the company for more than a decade and provide dependable service. The finished job is typically guaranteed for up to one year.

All American Electric Service’s slogan is: An eye on quality – a job well done.

“I like to think that our slogan is what we go by,” says Keith. “We want to make sure the job is done right the first time.”