Londonderry Retirement Community of Easton Hosts Renowned Jungian Speaker

The Londonderry Retirement Community of Easton will host a seminar, “C. G. Jung: Scientist, Mystic or Prophet,” presented by acclaimed international author, lecturer, and trainer, Roger J. Woolger, PhD, of Woolger International on February 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. at its Community Center. The seminar will offer a profile of the personal psychological development of the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung who influenced psychiatry, broadened the basic understanding of religious experience, and built bridges between science and spirituality. Dr. Jung’s personal history offers models for our own general life design.

This is a return visit for British born Roger J. Woolger who, in 2006, lectured at the Academy Art Museum and conducted a workshop at Evergreen Cove in Easton.

Woolger founded Woolger International and is a life long student of world spiritual traditions. He is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich,Switzerland and holds

degrees from Oxford and London Universities in the areas of psychology, philosophy and comparative religion, and is a pioneer in the development of Deep Memory Process™

(regression therapy). Dr. Woolger speaks internationally, always demonstrating a profound knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the human psyche.

According to Joan Green, Londonderry resident and follower of Woolger’s teachings, “We are facing challenging times as our nation and the world struggle to find answers to interwoven collective problems. Roger Woolger is an inspiring speaker who can lead us to attain a greater knowledge of our own personal involvement in these problems and to explore solutions to them.”

Green adds that Dr. Woolger often uses the George Bernard Shaw quote, “The True Joy in Life,” to describe his own life philosophy. Shaw stated, “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; . . . I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.”

The Woolger seminar is being sponsored by Evergreen Cove HolisticLearning Center and A Community of Transformation (ACT). The cost is $65 per person, with a reduced rate of $35 per person for students or seniors ages 65 and older. For additional information or to register for the seminar, contact Joan Green, Woolger International, at 410-822-1642 or Space is limited, so early registration is recommended.