MDP Publishes 27th Models and Guidelines

“The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) issued its 27th publication of Models and Guidelines. This guide focuses on Maryland’s Public Schools Construction Program, supporting sustainable schools within planned growth and Priority Funding Areas across the state. MDP Secretary Richard E. Hall said, “Our agency helps education and elected leaders, planning commissioners and other stakeholders in the education process to ensure the best outcomes and solutions for sustainable school construction across the state. It incorporates ideas and recommendations from a wide range of leaders and professionals in education and community planning to create a viable and exemplary model for Maryland’s schools.” The publication examines smart growth, energy efficiency, and community centered public schools in Maryland. It provides a model process for use in site selection to ensure quality smart growth for schools and communities across the State. It is ideal for everyone involved in planning public school facilities as well as the general public. The booklet includes detailed narratives, graphs, charts, maps and construction specifications to adequately address several issues around school construction, including; legislative changes to the state public school construction program; improving public schools in existing neighborhoods; improving public health by increasing walkability and safe bicycle access; energy efficiency; school site size; shared use opportunities; school transportation issues; county and municipal planning and zoning; future school site in existing communities and more. Models and Guidelines #27 is free and can be accessed electronically at For more information, call: 410-767-4500″