Master Gardener Class Completed

Fourteen students recently completed the classroom portion of the Master Gardener training program and passed the test given on April 16 at Wye River Education Center. To complete their certificate each will be required to provide 40 hours of volunteer activity in community projects including a Bay Wise site visit (a program that evaluates home gardening and landscaping practices), work in a demonstration garden such as the one in Millstream Park in Centreville, assist with a Junior Master Gardener class at Kennard Elementary or other youth activity and work a shift in a Master Gardener information booth at the Kent County Farmers’ Market, the Queen Anne’s County Fair or similar location. They also will each write an article for the monthly newsletter and attend at least one monthly meeting.

Another requirement is development of an educational project. Near the end of their course the students presented their projects to the class. All of the projects will be showcased at the Queen Anne’s County Master Gardeners’ second annual Garden Affair in Centreville on Saturday, May 16 from 10-2, rain or shine on the grounds of Wright’s Chance and the library. The projects have colorful displays, handouts and the new interns will discuss their projects with attendees, young or old. The topics are: beneficial bugs, learn how they play a role in helping your garden grow; gardening with children, a great way to include the entire family in a garden project; container gardening, learn how to start small or to make the most of limited space; vermicomposting, an interactive lesson in composting with worms; and daffodils, learn how to plant and maintain daffodils and jonquils…and learn the difference between the two terms from our expert grower.

In addition to the class projects the Garden Affair will have a plant and green elephant sales, demonstration booths and displays. The Affair will offer a variety of children’s activities including an art table, scavenger hunt, face painting and grow a sunflower. Visit the demonstration Rain Garden, formal tours are scheduled at 10:30 and 2:00. Horticultural speakers…at 10:30 MG Carol Jelich will speak about native plants; at 11:30 MG Sabine Harvey from Kent County will talk about the University of Maryland’s statewide “grow it, eat it” initiative, a program to help homeowners learn to start and grow a home garden; At 12:30 Talbot County Master Gardener Coordinator Heather Buritsch will give her “tick talk” and finally at 1:15 Phyllis Johnston will teach you how yoga can help you be a healthier gardener. And more…

For information about the Garden Affair contact Rachel Melvin at the QA County Extension Office at 410-758-0166.