Master Gardener’s Annual Cabin Fever Reliever Workshops

“Do the winter blues get you down? Do you long to be outdoors? You could run outside and hug a tree or come to Master Gardener’s Annual Cabin Fever Reliever Workshops in your neighborhood…

Easton: Saturdays, 10am-noon

Talbot County Cooperative Extension/USDA Service Center at 28577 Mary’s Court, Easton

February 28: “Xerioscaping” with Rick Thorkelson, Sharon Murray, and Danna Murden. Learn how to plant a beautiful garden that is dependent on natural rainfall and save time and money on upkeep, all with minimal maintenance required. From succulents to herbaceous, including all plants in between, an incredible garden can be had with just a little planning.

March 21: “The Perfect Kitchen Garden” with Kathy Quattrone. Learn how to create and cultivate your ideal kitchen garden. Herbs, vegetables, fruit, edible flowers…the choices can be tantalizing, but the path to perfection is different for every gardener. The class will include methods of matching your food favorites to your garden harvest (less zucchini to give away!), ornamental designs that please the eyes as well as the appetite, new perennials to consider, companion planting strategies, structures that stretch your space, and other techniques for kitchen gardening on the Eastern Shore.

St. Michaels: Saturdays, 10am-noon

St. Michaels Public Library

February 21: “Interests in the Winter Garden” with Nancy Beatty and Joanne Buritsch. Enjoy the winter garden by looking at the bones of the garden, plants that show interest in the winter, garden ornamentation and hard-scape. After the slide show, we will take a walk in the Wilson Reading Garden.

February 21: “Gardening in the Winter” with Lynn Freeburger. Making the Most of Winter – Planning for the Garden in Winter. It is a time to reflect, read, journal and select plants for the new year. Includes comments on reflecting, and journaling as well as recommended books and a review of plants that adorn the winter garden.

March 14: “Bay Wise Gardening” with Joanne Buritsch and Penny Balgley. Bay Wise Gardening; this is an environmentally friendly way to garden on the Eastern Shore. It is not about size or style, but simple steps that we can all do to help the Bay.

April 4: “Pollinators and Native Plants” with Susan Marseilles and Phyllis Rambo. Learn about the importance of pollinators in your garden – specifically bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We will also give you suggestions on how to create a welcoming habitat for these pollinators and what plants will attract them.

Oxford: Saturdays, 10am-noon

Oxford Community Center

March 7: “Gardening with Trees and Shrubs” with Lena Gill. This class offers an opportunity to learn more about the why, the how, and the which of these “”big players””. Including trees and shrubs in your yard or existing flower beds will create a more interesting landscape and reduce your summer chores, as well as, if done right, improve the energy efficiency of your home.

April 18: “The Natural Landscape” with Lin Clineburg and Brooke Zuehlke. Learn about using native plants to beautify your garden and preserve the natural biodiversity.

April 18: “Rain Gardens” with Heather Buritsch. What are rain gardens? Will it rain more if I plant them? Come find out about this beautiful and fun way to reduce harmful storm water runoff, while attracting native pollinators in your own back yard.

All classes are open to the public. Please call 410-822-1244 to register for one or more workshops. There is a registration fee of $3 per class or $18 for all 7 classes.”