Mother Son Dance New to Festival of Trees

A new event on Saturday, Nov. 28th is being introduced this year at the 24th Annual Festival of Trees. The Mother Son Dance will provide mothers and their sons an opportunity to spend some fun time together and support the Talbot Hospice Foundation. There will be two dances at the Historical Society Auditorium; the first dance from 5 pm to 7 pm for the younger lads and the second from 8 pm to 10 pm for the older boys. The dance will be held at the Historical Society, there will be a DJ and light refreshments. The cost is $30 for mom and $10 for each son.

“As a mother with two sons, my sons asked why their Dad took their sister to the Daddy Daughter Dance but they had to stay home; now the whole family can participate. Plus, we are supporting Talbot Hospice, which helped my mother in such a loving way when she passed away this April”, says Alisha Saulsbury, chairman of the Mother Son event.

Dorri Gowe-Lambert, co-chairman of the Mother Son Dance has three boys. She said she often wondered why their wasn’t a venue for the boys, so when Monica Heinsohn Chairman of the 2009 Festival of Trees asked her and Alisha to come up with a Mother Son event they took the opportunity.

“For a number of years, the Festival has been asked why there was not an event for mothers and sons as there was for daddies and daughters, says Monica Heinsohn. Now, we have a full event schedule that includes opportunities for the entire family while supporting Talbot Hospice Foundation at the same time. We hope that this new event will reach a whole new group to enjoy the festivities during Festival Week.”

In addition to the dancing and refreshments where will be an opportunity for a Mother Son picture.

To get tickets for the Mother Son Dance or tickets for any of the other Festival of Tresses activities please call 410-819-3378(FEST) or stop by the Hospice House and pick up the 2009 brochure.