“””My Kids’ Playhouse”””

“WHAT: “”My Kids’ Playhouse”” will perform “”Three Sideways Stories From Wayside School”” by Louis Sachar

WHEN: Saturday, August 15. 2 performances: 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Outdoor Concrete Stage by the Farmer’s Market in downtown
Stevensville ( by the historic Cray House on Cockey Lane).

Performance is free. Please contact Joan at (410) 604-0721 for more information or directions.

(My Kids’ Playhouse provides a fun theater experience for children/youth of all ages. The participants receive voice coaching, group and individual attention, and are heavily involved in all aspects of their productions, including prop and costume making, staging, role interpretation, and whenever possible, a performance. Operated by Patti Cipriano and Joan McWilliams with the purpose of empowering the kids with a sense of confidence, accomplishment and pride in a very fun, caring atmosphere.)”