Other Party In Bay Bridge Fatal Accident Speaks

She is devastated; that is the message from the woman seriously hurt in the crash that sent a tractor trailer toppling over the Bay Bridge. Candy Baldwin has been through multiple surgeries at Shock Trauma since the accident. Now her attorney is sending a message to the deceased truck driver’s family.

Baldwin was driving the opposite way on the Bay Bridge when her car veered across the yellow lines early on August 10. John Short, the 57-year-old driver of a fully loaded eighteen wheeler, hit his brakes, lost control and crashed through a guardrail into the Chesapeake. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators are looking into whether driver fatigue played a role, since Baldwin admitted to possibly falling asleep at the wheel. A source familiar with the investigation say witnesses indicate she was driving normally and briefly crossed the line. That source believes gross negligence was not involved. Baldwin’s attorney wouldn’t talk specifically about her role in the crash because there is still a possibility she could face criminal charges. Accident investigations like this one take about 60 days to complete. After police make their determination, prosecutors will decide on criminal charges, which could happen some time in October.