Pellet Gun At Kent Island High

Dfc. Jeremy Davidson, the Sheriff’s School Resource Deputy at KIHS was notified that Asst. Principal Engel had discovered two students in possession of small black pellet gun and seized the item. Davidson questioned both of the students who each denied ownership but admitted to having it in their possession at various times that day while in school.

Davidson placed both under arrest and transported them to the Sheriff’s Headquarters for processing. Both were later referred to Juvenile Services for Disruption of School Activities and released to their parents.

An email from the School to Parents was issued on Monday.

Kent Island High eSchoolnewsletter

February 2, 2009 Dear Parents/Guardians: Friday, January 30, 2009 at approximately 1:15PM, the administration received information that a 9th grade student attending class at the main campus was in possession of a weapon. An investigation was conducted and an unloaded fake firearm known as an Air Soft Pellet Gun was confiscated. Queen Anne’s County Public Schools has a no tolerance policy regarding the possession of weapons in school and adherence to the policy took place immediately. For information regarding the county’s no tolerance policy please refer to the QACPS Calendar Handbook, page 31, or our KIHS agenda book on page 22. In addition, the incident has been turned over to the Sheriff’s Department for further action. Safety is the top priority at Kent Island High School and we regard any infraction of this policy as unacceptable behavior that will be taken extremely seriously. At no time during the school day did the incident pose a threat to any student or staff member. We will continue to vigorously monitor our school to maintain a positive, safe environment for all. Should you have any questions regarding this incident, please contact me at (410) 604-2070. Sincerely, Denise L. Hershberger Principal