Pickering Creek Clean Up Days

“On Sunday, April 19th, 47 volunteers participated in an Earth Day Workday at Pickering Creek Audubon Center in Easton. The event was a TogetherGreen Volunteer Day. TogetherGreen ( www.togethergreen.org) is an innovative Audubon program funded by Toyota that promotes the concept of “”act today, shape tomorrow”” by providing inspiration, leadership, and opportunities for people to take action to improve the health of our environment.

Participants at the Earth Day Workday removed invasive plants from buffer strips, picked up litter, dug out bamboo, and removed construction debris from around the historic Gilbert Byron house, which is currently under renovation.

The next clean up day will be Saturday, May 9 from 10am-12pm for an Invasives Eradication Workday. This will be the last of this year’s TogetherGreen Volunteer Days. Participants will map invasive plants in the waterfront area and finish the Songbird Island project, a transformation of a bamboo garden to a bird-friendly native garden.

Pictured (left to right) are volunteers Noah Dorbin, Katie Claggett, Susan Claggett, and Pickering Creek staff member Kelsey Frey weeding vegetable and herb beds at the Children’s Imagination Garden. Frey is Camp Director and a Teacher/Naturalist. Noah and Katie were fulfilling required volunteer hours for the Assistant Naturalist program, in which qualifying middle and high school students receive training and assist with projects at Pickering Creek, including helping counselors at summer EcoCamps.

For more information about the volunteer program, visit www.pickeringcreek.org or contact Volunteer Coordinator Beth Wasden at dwasden@audubon.org or by phone at 410.822.4903, extension 26.”