Pipe Dreams Series by Jane Hartley

Pipe Dreams Series is a spectacular exhibition of luminous oil paintings by Talbot County artist and resident Jane Hartley. It opened on Friday, September 4, with an artist’s reception on Saturday evening. Enthusiastic congratulations were the expressions “du jour” on both Friday and Saturday evenings at the South Street Art Gallery in Easton. This is a must-see body of work for art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Her pieces will be on display through the month of September.

Hartley’s photorealism embodies a synthesis of rhetorical still lives depicting everyday metal objects as industrial landscapes and stories with clever, subtle inspirational themes. In a style reminiscent of gorgeous 17th and 18th century Old Masters, Hartley adheres to studio traditions used in meticulous prepared Renaissance and Baroque fine art. Her labor-intensive methods of creating paint and preparing canvases add a profound mystique to visibly refined craftsmanship. Bold imagination is her progressive leap into the 21st century as she presents solid metal forms as a series reflecting upon a complex, changing society. Expressing utilitarian objects with uncommon attention to detail, her child-like whimsy toys with implausible bouquets, landscapes, and other fun arrangements. On each canvas she floods every object in brilliant artistic light.

Her exhibit is already attracting serious art collectors. Due to the industrial theme of subjects in this series anyone enjoying modern art will certainly appreciate her impressive treatment of everyday objects as art-worthy subjects. The scope of South Street Art Gallery continues to surprise and amaze. Do not miss this one! Hartley’s collection of new work hangs until Monday, October 5. Gallery hours are Thursday – Monday, 10-5 (or by appointment) at 5 South Street in Easton. Contact information: (410) 770-8350; southstreetartg@aol.com.